Tutoring Schedules
STEM Early College High School and Palo Alto College

Tutoring will be provided to all students on a set schedule at the STEM Early College High School.  Palo Alto College will also provide tutorial assistance at the college for students requesting additional help.  Please DO NOT forget to click on"Palo Alto College Information/Website(s)" at the left on this page to find the times for tutorials at Palo Alto College.

FALL 2017 

Tutorial Schedule

4:30PM - 5:30PM








*Indicate Class Sponsors

An “X” indicates the day(s) when teachers are available for tutorials.  Students are reminded that they must sign in when they attend tutorials.  Students MUST be in a classroom with a teacher while tutorials are taking place.  Students must not be unsupervised and are not allowed to loiter in the halls.

Students are reminded that they may attend tutorials with any teacher for any content and not just the teacher that teaches their class.  Also, students should take advantage of tutorial services provided at Palo Alto College in the Gutierrez Building.

Dates listed are subject to change pending unforeseen meetings or family emergencies.

Any student with a grade of 80 or below in any class, MUST attend tutorials!

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