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FREE tutoring in math, reading, science and writing is available to all Palo Alto College students.
*Writing Assistance Center
*Math Learning Center
Online Tutoring for PAC Students
*Online Workshops

TSI Helpful Websites

Palo Alto College Website

Here are IMPORTANT links to Palo Alto College:

~Main Webpage:
~College Library:
~Tutoring Center:
~Weight Room; Gymnasium; Aquatic Center:

How to Log into ACES:

1.  Go to
2.  Enter Alamo Colleges ID (username) and password.  If you don't know your usernane or password, you may click the "How do I get a username and password?" or "Forgot Password?" options on the login page or by calling the IT Helpdesk at 486-3777.
3.  Click Login

How to look up grades:

In order for PARENTS to have access to students' grades from college during the year, the student should have signed the "Consent to Relase FERPA-Protected Student Information" Form at the beginning of the course.

1.  After logging into ACES, select Student Tab.
2.  Select Web Services
3.  Select Student and Financial Aid
4.  Select Student Records
5.  Select Final Grades
6.  Select a Term: Use drop down arrow and select current semester.
7.  Select Submit

How to Log onto your Palo Alto College Student E-mail Account:

1.  Navigate your way to the Palo Alto homepage website at
2.  Click on "Log to Aces" tab
3.  Enter your username and password on the ACES account
4.  Click on STUDENT TAB
5.  Click on WEB SERVICES
8.  Once you have received your e-mail password, click on the student e-mail icon on top

9.  Once you click on the e-mail icon, enter your e-mail (which should be your ACES username   "(username)@")

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